Do I Qualify?

Keyhole Careers is based around supporting professional freelancers. To maintain the high quality of our user body, we require all potential users to fill out a short application that allows us to verify their status as professional freelancers.

So what do we mean by “professional freelancer?”

A professional freelancer can be full-time or part-time; they can have six months of experience or twenty years; they can work in a dedicated home office or at their dining room table: these things don’t make a professional freelancer.

Professional freelancing is about a commitment. Professionals commit to

  • Provide the best service possible to their clients;
  • Only perform work they are qualified to perform;
  • Quote and charge fair prices in line with the market and with their experience level;
  • Respect and mentor their colleagues by sharing information about the field and their working experience in a safe and appropriate manner; and
  • Follow all the ethics set by the field specific associations.