About Keyhole Careers

Keyhole Careers is a resource that allows freelancers to anonymously research and review clients, find qualified collaborators, and develop a freelancing portfolio to carry them to the pinnacle of their careers. Created to help freelancers find the best clients possible, Keyhole Careers solves many of the problems today’s freelance job sites have by removing commissions, bidding wars, and unprofessional freelancers. In fact, all of our freelancers fill out a short, pointed application that allows up to keep the field fair and to industry standard.

What’s more, with Keyhole Careers, companies can search from our pool of freelancers at no charge and any contracts born from these connections are entirely your own. Keyhole Careers makes no percentage—only connections. That’s because Keyhole Careers was created to help freelancers, not nickel and dime you out of your hard-earned paychecks. And our membership fee is purposely low—far lower than many of the other professional membership fees on freelancing job boards. In fact, many of the contracts created from Keyhole Career connections could fund our membership fees for more than ten years! In a nutshell—you get a whole lot more, for a whole lot less.

Striving to help freelancers means helping companies too! In addition to a directory of qualified freelancers, companies have access to a number of tools to help them meet all their external hiring needs, including guided assistance through the freelancer search, materials to better understand the freelance field, and job filling assistance.