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What We Do

Keyhole Careers is in business to help businesses. Freelancer job boards on the market today are riddled with problems: high fees from every angle, stifling limits on client access, and bidding wars that push contracts far below the level of fair pay and drive qualified contractors away from promising partnerships.
Keyhole Careers has solved all of these problems.
Keyhole Careers strives to connect businesses with qualified, vetted freelancers. We keep our fees low, our standards high, and our noses out of your business.

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Use our contacts to broaden your own. Keyhole Careers strives to curate a wide array of talented, experienced, and available contractors. Find a perfect partner today.


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Troubleshoot before there’s a problem—the good, the bad, all of it. Find company reviews to better your experience and review companies to better the experiences of freelancers across the country.


Do I Qualify?

Keyhole Careers is a service to connect professional freelancers with companies in need of top notch assistance. Keyhole Career freelancers must have the experience to follow industry standards—in the quotes they produce and the services they render.